Wednesday, 3 May 2017


Document translation services in India are of eight different types. These include the scientific, literary financial, judicial, certified, legal, juridical, and technical translation services.
Scientific and technical translations
Scientific translation services involve in translating scientific documents like study reports, articles, theses, papers, congress booklets, presentations, and other related documents. And, technical translation services translate documents such as medical documents, user instructions, leaflets, manuals, minutes of proceedings, administrative terms in general, financial reports, internal notes, etc.
Judicial, legal and juridical translations
Judicial translation services involve in translating documents in a court setting. These documents include expert opinions, minutes of interrogation sessions, minutes of proceedings, judgments, deposition, letters rogatory, etc. Legal translation services involve in translating administrative documents like registration certificates; technical documents like expert texts and opinions for judicial purposes; legal documents such as warrants and summons; corporate statutes and remittance drafts; minutes and reports of court proceedings; etc. And juridical translating services translate legally-binding documents including legally binding contracts such as labor agreements, and partnership accords; general sales and purchase conditions; laws, regulations and decrees; insurance policies; internal regulations; protocols and conventions; bail assurance; license and commercial contracts; etc.
Certified translation
Certain documents need legal validation after being translated. The certified document translation services in India translate documents like divorce settlements, civil status documentation, deceases, marital agreements, wills, etc, and then legally authorize them so that they are valid within the country and abroad.
Literary and financial translation

Literary translation services involve in translating literature content like poems, plays, songs, rhymes, literary texts, literary books, short stories, novels, etc. This is the toughest one among all kinds of translations. And, financial translation involves translating documents pertaining to stock exchange, banking activity and finance. These include financing packages, company annual reports, financial contracts, financial statements, etc.