Thursday, 9 November 2017

4 points to consider before by localization content

Globalization might be the new trend, but nothing can be better than reading texts or viewing videos in your local language. It is an observed fact that localized content is more relatable for the audience than any other content meant for the global market.

This is where the need arises for translation and transcription services in India, Dubai and other corners of the world. An efficient execution of these services can give you an end result that is as entertaining in the new language as it was in the original one. But to get the promised result you need to consider the following points-

Lingual Diversity

English is one language that requires a lesser number of words to communicate than any other language. So when you translate from English to any other language you have to consider and keep in mind that the new content will be longer than the original one because it will have more spoken as well as written content than there were in the original content. In short, when you translate from English into any other language you have to keep in mind that you will need extra space in order to communicate effectively.

Easy to Remember Message

It has been observed that people remember messages more effectively, when the video is presented to them along with the subtitles. So, if you are trying to sell or promote and want the people to remember you, subtitles are the way to go.

More Time Spent Watching

If you are communicating with the audience through a video dubbed in their local language, you have better chances that the video will be remembered. Studies have shown that subtitling your video increases the time that viewers spend watching it.

Dubbing Types

When it comes to dubbing there are two types-non-synchronized and synchronized. In the first one, the original voice is removed and a new voice is added in place of that. This always leaves room for flaws. Instead of this, in the synchronized one the voice over is done according to the lip movement of the actor, giving a better end result.

Follow the tips given above and the perfectly localized video will be just a few steps away from you. So what are you waiting for? Get started.