Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Factors To Consider When Hiring Translation Professionals

Globalization is on a consistent rise and one cannot question the fact that there has been a significant increase in cross border trading. This increase in overseas trading has led to an increase in need for skilled translators. For a business owner, choosing the right translator can be quite a task as he does not know which type of skills a good translator will have an what all qualities should he be looking for when selecting a translator or translation agency.

So, if you are also a business owner, we have given below the basic factors which you should consider before hiring a translation services company in Mumbai, Delhi or anywhere.

Communication Skills of Translator

One doubt that needs to be cleared is that knowing two languages and being a translator are two different things. A suitable translator for your business is the one who possesses a good sense of language and can communicate effectively while maintaining the objective of the conversation. He should be capable of conveying the message that his client is not able to.

Co-Relate Culture and the Business

One of the very important skills that all translators should have is the skill to combine culture with business and produce result that matches with both. Business practices, processes and etiquettes vary according to different cultures. This makes it necessary for you to choose professionals who know the importance of all these aspects. They should know that translation is more than just substituting words of the target languages.


Hospitality is an important element that should always be a judging factor when choosing a translation agency or professional. He should know what you are aiming for and know the style and the type of translation that you require. Such a translator will keep in mind both the culture of the language and that of your business when translating your materials. Not just this but he will be committed to your requirement and make sure that the results that you get are fast and hassle-free.


One thing that any business owner should check before hiring a translation agency is that if it is certified and accredited authentically. If you are a business owner for whom quality, stability and consistency matters you need to choose an agency which is sophisticated and has a well-structured workflow. Check if the agency has the ISO9001 and ISO 17100 certification. Stay away from agency that claims to be self-certified or pretend to be certified authentically without actually being so in reality. If you have a doubt about this, you should know that an agency which is certified has all the paperwork and documents proving the same.

Now that you know what all things you need to consider before choosing a translation agency, we suggest you to go ahead and get started. The success journey of your globalized business starts now.