Wednesday, 19 April 2017


Localization is not a new concept at all. For selling a product or service to a different regional market, businesses adapt their message to suit their audience so as to achieve acceptance and better results. This came under product marketing or global marketing earlier. Though now it has evolved into a separate unit called localization now, the concept is still the same. Listed here below are the ways by which localization can help your business.
1. Increasing your market share
Selling and buying on the international level no more rests in the sole hands of the multinational super giants. By owning a website, you gain access to global markets. But, just by presenting your product or service in English, ignoring the specific needs and wants of your prospective overseas customers, you cannot find profit. Localization services in India help you adapt your product as per the needs of the people of the particular locality. Sometimes, the need may be presenting your offer in the language of the area. This helps reach the wide potential market which is willing to buy your product or service.
2. Competitive advantage
Studies show that 75% of the global consumers opt to purchase from websites which have content in their own language. Even if they know good English, reading content in their mother tongue; viewing familiar images; and reading messages that suit them, their beliefs, and their nation generates their trust. This makes them make purchasing decisions. So, localization services can provide you with a competitive advantage.
3. Improves ranking
Localizing your site or mobile app does more than just helping you deliver the apt message to the apt audience. It optimizes your site’s content for search engine giants. Localization by taking into consideration key factors like culturally appropriate images, international site speeds, and keywords which are locally searched for, will increase your ranking. This will increase your conversion rate, sales and profit.
4. Prevent cultural taboos
When it comes to localizing your mobile app or site, you may make a mistake. And of course, you won’t be the first one to do this. But, some countries never forgive those. After committing a blunder in certain parts of Asia or Middle East with a cultural taboo or wrong message, you will never be presented with a second chance. Reputed localization services in India research the language spoke by your target market, their vocabulary, regional dialects, beliefs, fears, hopes and national holidays. On this basis, they optimize your mobile app or website.
5. Global popularization of your brand
If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart” said Nelson Mandela. This is the power of one’s mother tongue. Localization services in India help in popularizing your brand. Customers should feel that you have spent sufficient time to know their needs and wants, and have not just offered them with a translation which is “one-size fits all” type. This will get your brand into their hearts.

Thus, localization has become an indispensable service to flourish your business in today’s world.

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